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Dentsu Innovation Initiative (DII) is a unique division of Dentsu Group responsible for the global innovation scouting of new and disruptive technologies. DII develops key partnerships with selected startups offering market leading, differentiated products and solutions.In addition, in certain cases, we strengthen these relationships with strategic investments to build a solid foundation for future business growth and collaboration.

Our Capabilities
Strategy Management Team
R&D Team 1
R&D Team 2
3D Media/XR/Metaverse/Gaming/NewMedia/Entertainment/Sports
R&D Team 3
Marketing Technology/Media/3D Media/New Creative/B2B/Sustainable Solution
Data Technology Center
Dentsu Ventures
Agya Ventures Fund

LP investment in a venture capital fund focusing on seed and early-stage startups in the real estate tech field, primarily in North America


A fast, private and secure web browser.And a blockchain-based digital advertising platform


A platform that manages influencer recruitment, advanced performance measurement, and audience analysis in a centralized manner


A product discovery solution for optimizing the customer experience through AI-based dynamic messages and other technologies


Publishes research, analysis and advice on digital marketing, and provides e-learning services for global CMOs and executives, unraveling modern marketing from an academic perspective.

EV Growth Fund

LP investment in a venture capital fund focusing on technology startups in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

Goals 101

A Transaction Behavioural Intelligence (TBI) company that accelerates business growth for banks and brands with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


A contextual-first, global digital ad platform that captures people’s attention, without the use of personal data

IDN Media

A leading digital media platform company in Indonesia

Incubate Fund US

LP investment in a venture capital fund focusing on early-stage B2B startups in the United States


A leading outcomes-based advertising platform, closes the loop on digital advertising. The company solve attribution in real time, use AI to optimize media delivery and create measurable, incremental uplift against sales and other marketing goals.

Markable AI

An AI seller that automates digital visual content shopping with the highest conversion

Marketing Week

Founded in 1978, media publisher that provide news, trends, intelligence, jobs and networking opportunities to the most senior marketing professionals. Organizer of Europe's largest marketing conference Festival of Marketing


Development and operation of the smartphone app "Miles," which allows users to accumulate miles with every movement

Morado Ventures

A Silicon Valley-based venture capital (VC) firm specializing in seed-stage startups with expertise in AI, data, and more

NewsCred by Amana

An integrated platform that provides visualization, management efficiency, and performance measurement for marketing activities


The breakthrough end-to-end advertising solution, built and optimized for mobile, allowing you to achieve the highest market performance while respecting user privacy with future-proof technology


A leading technology platform that drives business results by engaging people across the open internet


A global leader in ecommerce technology, enabling companies to drive incremental value from every transaction by offering highly relevant messages at the moment customers are most likely to convert


DIY survey solutions to optimize customer experience through zero-party data acquisition and analysis


An innovation advisory firm based in London that collects latest innovation cases from around the world, and provides industry trends and consumer insights to brands.


A service that improves customer engagement by providing personalized videos optimized for each customer


A solution that leverages the creator economy, enabling video production with 200,000 creators worldwide


A personalized marketing tool specialized in the content field, with a track record of implementation in hundreds of companies, including Walmart and major domestic enterprises


A contextual targeting tool that achieves the optimization and brand safety of YouTube ads


A metaverse creative studio specializing in experience design and spatial development in collaboration with IP and brands

Archetype Ventures

Seed/Early Stage Venture Capital Specializing in B2B Tech


A provider of analysis and marketing services utilizing one of Japan's largest location-based big data

Chiba Dojo Drone Fund II

LP investment in a venture capital fund specializing in drones, air mobility, and related fields

Deepcore Tokoyo Fund I

A venture capital firm specializing in seed-early stage investments in the AI and other advanced technology fields - also runs “KERNEL”, a community for AI engineers


Developing a "Personal Promotion Platform" based on "ID-POS" data held by the retail industry, enabling personalized advertising and sales promotions tailored to each individual customer's preferences in the retail industry


One of the Japanese largest native advertising platform with a wide range of delivery methods that are cookie-less compatible

Pixie Dust Technologies

A Japanese mechano-biology company that develops innovative healthcare devices using unique wave control technology, offering alternative options to traditional treatment paradigms

Pretia Technologies

Providing the AR Cloud Platform "Pretia" and AR SaaS solutions, backed by extensive research and development in AR technology

Prime Partners

Cooperative operating partner of Dentsu Group's corporate venture capital (CVC) "Dentsu Ventures"


Providing a "contract wallet for NFTs" and a " SaaS platform to support service development utilizing NFTs "


Startbahn operates Startrail, a sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure that assures the reliability, authenticity, and traceability of works.


SUSHI TOP MARKETING is a company specializing in NFT distribution and planning utilizing "Token-Graph Marketing". The company aims to establish a new marketing method called "Token-Graph Marketing" through the development of an easy-to-receive NFT tool called "NFT Shot" along with planning and proposal of NFT utilization.


Development and operation of several virtual-focused services, including Virtual Live, Metaverse Templates, and a short video creation tool for 3D avatars

VISITS Technologies

Developing a service that enables value transfer by using unique technology to quantify "sensory assets" such as people's creativity and discerning ability


Operating online travel booking platform specializing in visits to Japan


Delight your customers and drive performance with ZEALS Chat Commerce

Dentsu Ventures Portfolio(Global)

A multi-document summarization platform using natural language and big data analyses

(acquired by Matterport)

An AI-driven production platform for the motion picture and television industry


(acquired by Altice)

Producing and distributing business news videos for Millennials

Clear Labs

An automated and intelligent next-generation sequencing platform built for food safety testing



Developing consumer and professional medical diagnostic products that can be used in clinical or at-home settings


(acquired by Aspire Food)

Manufacturing protein bars using cricket flour from pulverized crickets

Fiddler AI

Providing an AI Observability platform enabling companies to monitor, analyze, explain, and improve AI and ML models responsibly


(acquired by Illumina)

Developing a blood test for early-stage cancer detection utilizing DNA sequencing technology


(acquired by Nextdoor)

A platform that automatically generates hyper-local news content

Inworld AI

Providing a Character Engine for powering AI-driven characters


An audience engagement platform for interactive experiences


(acquired by Roblox)

An auto-generated digital 3D avatar platform that uses computer vision technology


A cloud production management platform that effectively utilizes a network of idle factory assets

Mira Labs

(acquired by Apple)

Building mobile AR platform for seamless remote collaboration and hands-free workflow guidance

Mysten Labs

Developing the Layer 1 blockchain Sui and accelerating the adoption of the Sui ecosystem


A platform to help retail brands improve post-purchase experiences for customers

(acquired by Razer)

Developing cloud-first smartphones


A comprehensive social engagement platform that allows digital publishers to manage user comments and foster healthy communities


A sports media/community platform for the next generation of athletes and fans


Developing and publishing games on gaming platform Roblox


(acquired by ParkHub)

Software for parking lot supply and demand analysis and dynamic pricing


Psychology based, AI-driven platform that enables digital experience optimization


Creating VR entertainment content powered by cutting-edge immersive technology

Twist Bioscience


Developing a disruptive silicon-powered DNA synthesis platform

Two Bit Circus

Building micro-amusement parks with a range of immersive entertainment activities


(acquired by Byju’s)

The world’s leading K-12 creative coding platform


(acquired by Discord)

Developing AR cloud platform to seamlessly connect reality and virtual space


Producing cell-cultured meat that is delicious, affordable and environmentally friendly


A video content creation network and platform where brands can create digital video ads leveraging creative data

Dentsu Ventures Portfolio(Japan)

A platform for streamlining and maximizing revenue for subscription businesses


Providing a community-driven integrated customer success platform "coorum"


Cloud service for operations support utilizing drones

double jump.tokyo

Developing blockchain-based games and applications


A next generation investment service specializing in thematic investing as an online brokerage firm

Innovative Space Carrier

Planning for the commercialization of innovative space carrier system


A next-generation medication history system that supports the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry


Developing and operating a group buying app


Providing a platform for shop mobility operators such as food trucks


Operating a media platform for Millennials and offering marketing solutions to companies and brands


Developing and operating cross-border business platform for China and other markets


Providing services related to the creation and operation of community commerce


Producing and distributing original vertical scrolling webcomic works


Developing and providing no-code guide and navigation tool


Providing a real estate marketplace "cowcamo" and "space invention" services


Operating an audio platform "Voicy"


Developing water treatment technology to realize "small-scale, decentralized water recycling system"

Dentsu Innovation Studio

A development company that serves as a bridge between Silicon Valley and Japanese corporations, collaborating with customers to create new businesses utilizing cutting-edge technologies

Dentsu Ventures

Dentsu Group's corporate venture capital (CVC) arm that drives investment in startups (with a total of 22.5 billion yen under management) and provides business supports and development for/with startups internationally


An open innovation lab that supports the entire process from "problem identification" to "social implementation," working together to identify challenges, prototype solutions, foster an environment of collaboration, and generate shared understanding

Startup Growth Partners

Dentsu's producer team that specializes in providing specialized support for the growth of startups

A cross-functional organization that offers comprehensive support to customer businesses in the Web3 domain


A cross-functional collaborative organization that provides a one-stop solution for XR and metaverse solutions to customer and partner companies

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